An Interview with the Founder of Aviation Property Network, Iver Retrum: “Why the Future of Aviation Real Estate is Local in Nature”

CO – APN’s writer, Michael Bobka, had the pleasure of speaking with Iver Retrum, APN Founder and Mountain States Regional Affiliate Broker, ahead of the NBAA-BACE conference in Las Vegas, October 17th to 19th. APN will be exhibiting at the show and can be found at booth C10443. Aviation Property Network is based in Englewood, Colorado.

Aviation today is a dynamic and fluid concept, and this is perhaps no better exemplified than through the lens of aviation real estate. In this unique and ever-changing space, hangars, aircraft, and airport real property are constantly trading hands and are forever in a state of flux. Add to this equation the fact that right now, demand is growing for larger and heavier aircraft storage space and maintenance facilities. All this and more means you have all the ingredients for an exciting part of aviation worth exploring.

Aviation Property Network (APN) is a company that is poised to capitalize on a burgeoning and rapidly expanding market share for airport property, hangar space, and other real assets related to the world of flying. It’s a place where aviation real estate is simplified. It’s a platform where you can search, buy, lease, list, feature, or sell just about anything related to aviation properties or structures. It’s really a go-to resource that should be in every aviation realtor’s toolbox.

A Streamlined Experience

In fact, countless aviation real estate professionals have come to rely upon the services made possible by APN’s technology when listing, featuring, or selling property is a priority. The company focuses on airports, FBOs (Fixed Base Operators), hangars, hangar homes, airparks, offices, retail, and raw land. APN’s advanced search and mapping technology allows virtually anyone to find or sell their next aviation property easily. Whether purchasing, leasing, or buying, signing up for an account is an easy, streamlined experience. The company has on-staff certified APN agents who are experts in helping clients throughout the entire buying or selling process.

A Huge Demand for Aviation-Related Real Property

Iver Retrum is one of the driving forces behind the Aviation Property Network. His vision, along with a talented team of business professionals, has mapped out the path for the company over the years. Iver has had a passion for flying since his early teens. He began flying at the tender age of just 16 years old. While completing an aviation pilot degree program at Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU), he worked for a local FBO called Stevens Aviation. Iver says, “I found a niche that suited me well. Along with teaching flying as a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), I also found that I had a natural talent for selling airplanes.” This would pay off later because, as it turns out, there was and still is a huge demand for aviation sales of not just aircraft but also aviation-related real property. Iver was now in the perfect position to leverage his newly earned skills.

The Aviation Property Developer

Shortly after graduating from college, he was offered a position with Signature Flight Support as an aircraft salesman. It began as a regional sales gig and quickly developed into a national sales opportunity spanning the entire US. Eventually, Iver landed a position with ARINC. Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated (ARINC) was originally established in 1929 as a primary provider of transport communications and systems engineering solutions for industries that include aviation, airports, defense, government, healthcare, networks, security, and transportation.

All this varied aviation experience would pay off over time. Eventually, Iver says, “I literally cut my teeth in the aviation development world thanks to my decision to accept a position as an aviation property developer with SunBourne Development.” This was perhaps the turning point and where it all started to make sense for Iver. He would ultimately spend eight years there learning all the finer details of aviation property development.

The Next Logical Career Phase

These experiences all led to Iver creating a project called The idea was to market hangars and to help real estate brokers sell aviation-type properties. As a logical next phase in his career, he decided to acquire his own broker’s license. Most importantly, he says, “I learned quickly how to value properties of all kinds related to aviation, airports, and hangars.” It was a powerful next progression in his career.

Then, in 2015, he formed the Business Aviation Group (BA Group). This was to be a full-service aviation real estate service company. Its main purpose was to put forth the development of aviation properties, offer consulting, and the construction management of airport-related properties and hangars. It eventually became the parent company of another venture called Aviation Property Network.

Expanding Nationally

Business Aviation Group specializes in airport real estate valuation. The company works with brokers in dozens of states across the country. The main objective of APN is to help clients effectively market aviation real estate. Iver says, “APN is enjoying great success in building an affiliate network of aviation real estate professionals.”

Going forward, Iver, along with his seasoned business partners and team of real estate experts, are on track to continue to grow the business and expand even more nationally. Iver says, “We are indeed very busy these days and see much opportunity ahead. We are excited to help developers and others build aviation facilities and then bring these properties to market in a smart and profitable way.”

Finding Good Development Opportunities

Retrum goes on to say, “Real estate is always local in nature, and when you understand that, you are able to leverage your resources in ways that would otherwise not be possible.” He adds, “The industry has a clearly defined deficit in hangar space, and that trend will continue for the foreseeable future. Add to this the fact that business aircraft are getting bigger, further exasperating the ongoing shortage in overall space in the aviation real estate arena.”

He says, “The vision of our highly capable group of aviation enthusiasts and real estate professionals in the coming years is to build a growing team of affiliate professionals and help them hone their skills. It’s also to continue growing in a smart way and finding the best development opportunities at airports of various sizes throughout the country. The key to profiting from the growing demand metric for aviation development is identifying the right locations and opportunities.”


Iver and his lovely family make Littleton, Colorado, their home, where he and his wife, Dr. Jessica Retrum, and young son enjoy the outdoors and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Their yellow Labrador Retriever, Oscar, is also an important part of the family. If Iver is correct, and we suspect he is, then the concept of aviation real estate always being “local in nature” makes perfect sense and will continue to serve him, his partners, and their team well as the industry steadily evolves and expands.

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